SGI UV 20: Big Memory, Big IO, Small Price Get 32 cores, 2.6GHz processors, 384 GB memory, 2 hard drives, 3-year warranty for $29,900!

SGI UV 20 operates with the simplicity of a workstation while delivering far more compute and IO capability. Because of the capacity available on SGI UV 20, users can scale difficult, compute or data-intensive workloads or consolidate complete workflows in a single system. SGI is now offering this technology at an extremely affordable price, enabling many more researchers, engineers and others to benefit from SGI UV shared memory scale-up capability.

SGI UV 20 offers world-leading capabilities to support shared memory applications while it also delivers features that optimize distributed applications. SGI UV 20 is ideal for running standard ISV, community or open source applications as it is for custom codes.

With up to 32 Intel E5-4600 cores, 1.5TB memory and maximum IO, users of SGI UV 20 can leave the node memory limits of scale-out computing behind without breaking the budget.

SGI UV 20 delivers:
  • A 2U 4-socket server offering maximum memory per core and full-bandwidth IO expansion capability
  • Up to 32 cores and 1.5TB of memory
  • Off-the-shelf Linux or VMware operating environments
  • Complete SGI software environment, including SGI Performance Suite optimization toolkit
  • Up to 8 2.5" HDD/SSD plus 2 1.8" SSD and 8 high-bandwidth IO expansion slots.
  • Support for up to 2 high end accelerator cards such as Intel Phi
  • Ability to run desktop apps to common scale-out apps for demanding data-intensive problems
SGI UV 20 beats the competition with maximum compute and memory capability, leading IO bandwidth and high-end accelerator card support.

DIMMs Form factor Drives I/O
I/O lanes High End Accelerator Card Support
SGI UV 20 48 2U 8HDD/SSD
+ 2SSD
4 x16
2 x16 internal
2 x8 mez
112 YES
HP DL560 48 2U 5 SAS/SSD 2-3* X16
64 NO
IBM x3750 M5 48 2U 16 HDD/SSD 8* X8(3* X16 physical) 80 NO
Inspur NF8560M2 32 4U 8 SATA/SAS 2 x16
6 x8
80 NO
Dell R820 48 2U 16 SAS/SATA/SSD 2X16
56 NO

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