Big Data can bring terrific insights to enterprises and government agencies. Many popular methods for analysis, though, work in a batch mode, whereas often the insights are more valuable when they are revealed in real time. Some of the most critical Big Data applications in operation today use the MarkLogic enterprise NoSQL database, and SGI and MarkLogic have created a combined solution to expand the world's access to Big Data capabilities. The combined solution is specially tuned by SGI and MarkLogic engineers working together, and arrives at your site, ready to be plugged in and providing answers right away.

SGI® DataRaptor™ with MarkLogic Database delivers:

  1. All you need for Big Data: ¼-rack, ½-rack, full-rack performance or capacity optimized configurations.
  2. Rock solid Big Data capability: ACID compliant transactions, high-availability, replication
  3. Real ROI for your business or enterprise: combined database, search capability, and application development in one package.
  4. Big Data. Ready. Set. Go. : integrated and tested in the factory, with a validation database and sample queries installed so that you can plug in and go as soon as it arrives.